Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Amor Lake to Brewster Lake

This is more than one portage.

You start at the portage at the Mr Canoehead forest rec site to cover the 100 metres from Amor Lake to Surprise Lake. The Amor Lake side is a small beach. The Surprise Lake end is a dock, though the dock is coming to the end of its life.

You paddle 1.1 km across Surprise Lake to get to the start of the portage to Brewster Lake. You can not see the start of the portage start from any distance at all. The portage is the only location on the southern shore that does not have logs covering the shore.

The start of the portage has an area where you can camp. This is the longest portage on the route, but not a hard one.

The portage starts with a zig zag up for about 70 metres and then levels off into a nice trail. There is a swampy area about 800 metres in where the trail may be flooded. Shortly after that there is a bridge missing for an intermittent stream crossing.

The trail comes close to the logging road after about 1.2 km - even though you are not supposed to follow the logging road, everyone seems to do so. You make really good time here because the logging road has a gentle downhill grade. The official trail did not have the fallen trees from the winter cleared off it which is at odds with everything else we saw.

The return to the portage trail is very obvious, you can not miss it.

The portage brings you a slough that takes you into Brewster Lake. It can be shallow in low water and pushing with paddles may be needed. There is also a log across the slough at the end.

While I did not check it out to be certain, it looks like you can access Brewster directly from the road about 400 metres after where the portage goes off the road. There seemed to be some launch points we could see from the lake that came right from the Long Lake Mainline FSR.

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Michel Gauthier said...

As I understand, the trail parralleling the logging road was cleared of deadfall late in the 2010 season.

Yes, there is a launch point directly from the Long Lake Mainline, but it is too steep to be practical.