Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Amor Lake

All I can say is WOW about this lake. This is the jewel of the tour. Do not just canoe through, stop and enjoy this lake. Camp here. Do not rush.

Amor Lake, named for Amor de Cosmos the second premier or BC, is 362 hectares in size with arms of several kilometers long in various direction.

We had better than wonderful weather when we hit the lake. The water was mirrorlike.

On the arm you enter on from the Twin Lake portage you have a nice beach on the north side where you can camp about 1.1 km along.

The main body of the lake has a number of locations you can camp on beaches. One is at the northern end, off of the beaten path for the canoe route, another is on the west side across from a small island campsite.

The small island you can camp on in the island is heavenly. It is only about 500 sq metres in area but has enough space on it so that all nine of us could camp on it. The site has an outhouse there put in by the Comox Paddlers (trap screen door courtesy of 3rd Douglas). There is a fire pit with some benches around, a work bench for cooking on with shelves. The central camping area is shrouded from the lake by a thin screen of trees.

You can swim here from this island to others nearby.

There is only one road access point onto this lake and it is from a road that is not in the best condition. This means the lake tends to have almost no one on it. The night we were there we shared it with only six other people. Motorized boats are rare on this lake.

The south end of the lake has a large camping area called Mr Canoehead forest rec site. The campsite is on the 100 metre portage to Surprise Lake. There are also camping spots on the Surprise Lake end of the portage. I found this campsite not nearly as nice as the other options on the lake.


Richard Powell said...


can't agree more with your comments on Amor Lake. We really enjoyed our visit and found the island you described very special.

kind regards,


Michel Gauthier said...

Amor Lake is special.