Monday, August 11, 2008

Entry Points

Where do you best start the route? Unless someone is dropping you off and picking you up, it seems to make sense to chose one of the following starting points because they are the few safe locations to leave your car.

Mohun Lake Campground: This is located on the south end of Mohun Lake and you can park you car here for $3 a day. The benefits of this as a starting location are the following:
  • You start with a nice long paddle to get you into the route
  • Your vehicle is very safe
  • You avoid the one portage because you can come and get your car and load up at the last portage
  • You can exit at the end of Brewster Lake and easily get back to your vehicle a few km away.

Morton Lake Campground: This is a provincial park located 1/2 way up Mohun Lake. It has a park attendant at the sit so someone is around to pay attention to parked cars. I have no idea of costs.

Brewster Lake Forest Service Rec Site: This rec site has an attendant at it so I assume you may be able to park here and have someone paying attention to your car, though I did not ask.

The Strathcona Lodge is located on Upper Campbell Lake and you can canoe from there down to lower Campbell and the Sayward Forest Canoe Route. I met an English couple that had rented their canoes at the lodge and gone on the route, it was not a long paddle for them to reach Lower Campbell Lake. I will be emailing them and asking them about their experience.

One way to avoid the worst portage when there water is low is to park your vehicle at the Twin Lake Forest Service Rec site and start from there. You can then hike out from the end of Mohun and get your car. The problem with this option is that there is no one watching your car and there is a danger that yahoos will find it and harm it.

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